Taking a cruise on the Bama Belle

Going for a river cruise can be one of the most memorable experiences that a person can get. However adequate preparation is required for people who want to go on a river cruise. The river cruise can offer some bad experiences if one specially a first timer in river cruise excursions does not do his or her homework well. For people who have had river excursions over a number of times anticipation of possible problems is not hard. Thus repeat excursions offer the required experience to deal with any problems that can arise during the excursion.

For first timers the experience on how to deal with problems could be lacking, but there are a few tips which can assist them to overcome some of the most common problems that arise during river cruise excursions. There following tips if incorporated during the preparations phase by first timers then they can be able to get the best out of the excursions.

Pack the right clothes

Depending on when you want to go for your river cruise ensure that you carry the right kind of clothes for the weather. For instance if want to go for a cruise during the summer then you should make sure that you have light clothes packed in your bag. Additional carry some decent clothes that you can dress in for an official dinner such as tuxedos. This is because most river cruise ships arrange for formal dinners for their customers. It is also good to have some warm clothing safely packed in your bag as well because you never know when the weather might change.

Carry your passport

People are often weary of carrying their passports. This is usually as a result of fear that arises from the fact that most of the people don’t know that the cruise ships have safes on board that can be used to store customers’ valuables. The passport might come in handy when the ship happens to sail to foreign waters.

Tip the cruise ship crew

Some of the cruise ships provide a daily tip fee that is supposed to be paid to the crew, however if your ship does not automatically charge you the fee then you can tip the crew. This will ensure a good atmosphere is created for the cruise.
For a truly great river cruise experience, one also needs to deal with the possibilities of getting sea sick.

Paddlewheel riverboats for river excursions

Using paddlewheel riverboats for an excursion trip in a river should provide any fun loving individual an authentic feel of the 19th century. The two basic types of paddle wheelers are the side wheeler and the stern wheeler. The side wheeler is a paddlewheel riverboat that has the paddle wheels mounted on both sides of the ship, while the stern wheeler has the paddle wheel on the rear.

Any of the two types of paddlewheel riverboats should be able to provide any person who wishes to tour the rivers around his or her country with the best possible way to do it. The paddlewheel riverboats are able to provide tourists with an ideal sightseeing vehicle that can be able to maneuver any of the rivers. However most of the modern day paddlewheel riverboats make use diesel to power them.

But for most people who want to go for excursions using the paddle steamer then adequate preparations need to be done in advance. The ideal preparations should include packing of the right items that are needed for the trip. With all the supplies that a person might need while at sea (in the river) the excursion should be a good experience.

Most cruise expeditions that involve the use of the paddlewheel riverboats require that people get to take their trips with some breaks in between. Even for those who have been to sea on several occasions it is possible for them to get sea sick. These breaks somehow help to deal with sea sickness. However there is a need for people to ensure that they carry some pills that can be used to control such an occurrence.

Ideally if you get to enjoy your excursion trip using the paddle steamer then you should do the most honorable thing in such a case, ensure that the crew of the ship are also happy by providing them with good tips. This will surely help to boost their morale and ensure that they serve you better. You can never go wrong with a good tip to any of the crew.

If you have never been on a trip in a river then you might get to marvel at the sights that you will be able to see. They are often breathtaking to say the least. For most paddlewheel riverboats the speed at which the cruise is to be done can be adjusted to allow for picture taking.

How to get a discount on your car insurance

Everybody definitely wants to get the cheapest car insurance. And I’m pretty sure you are no exception. You usually spend a big sum of money on your car insurance premiums; and you still have to spend more for gas and maintenance all throughout the year. So it is pretty upsetting if your car gets involved in a road accident. Thus, you also need to be covered by the right type of car insurance policy.

Once you have this decided on, you can already begin your search for the cheapest car insurance quotes to choose from. You can get the cheapest auto insurance by joining a cheapest car insurance forum. You can also try to search for the cheapest car insurance companies that cater to the type of coverage you want. Another tip is to check on a favorable cheapest car insurance review.

Aside from these tips, you may also want to look into the possibility of some other factors that can get you the cheapest car insurance for the type of coverage you need. First, you can move to a lower-crime area since the location of your home as well as the distance from home to work location is taken into consideration by car insurance companies when computing for your premium. You may just want to move out to North Dakota or Iowa, for example. Second, you might want to consider getting a different car prior to canvassing cheapest auto insurance. That is because the exact make and specific model of your car actually does matter. This is also being used to determine your cheapest car insurance. You can also increase your deductible so that you can save in the long run. This will allow you to have lower car insurance premiums. Or, you can make larger payments on your premium so you can get a good discount on your car insurance.

If you also have other policies with other cheapest car insurance companies, you can instead consolidate it all with one company in the same way that if you have more than one car, you can get all your car insurance policies with just one company. And once you’ve done that, stay loyal to that company. A lot of car insurance companies now give out the cheapest car insurance to their loyal customers.

And, lastly, compare car insurance. You can do this by getting the cheapest car insurance quotes online. By bearing in mind these tips, you can rest assured that you will get the cheapest car insurance for your car or cars.

Our top 5 river tours

It’s next to impossible to think of a person who would not like to ride a world-famous gondola in Venice or to take that river cruise in Paris. River tours are simply appealing to everyone whether you’re a tourist or local. That is why I have created a list of the most fascinating river tours available.

The first river tour that I want to mention is the world renowned Nile River Cruise. The Nile River is located in Egypt and this is where the adventure begins. Egypt is known for its pyramids, mummies and pharaohs and you won’t be disappointed on this Egyptian river tour. During this cruise you will be guided towards Luxor and Aswan which provides the best scenic moments due to the temples and tombs that you will see along the way.

The second river tour to be mentioned will be the Rhine River tour. This cruise remains as one of the most popular river tours in the whole world. This river cruise usually starts in Cologne where you will be awarded glorious views of the cathedral. During this tour you can also expect views of the Lorelei Rock and Mauseterm. This cruise ends in Basel because the waters beyond this point are not navigable.

As the third river cruise to be introduced in this article is the Danube River tour. This river cruise usually takes 10-12 days on a round trip. The Danube River cruise may start off at Passau and end at Budapest. A lot of river cruise companies prefer to spend a few days in Budapest to make the journey much more enjoyable. On this cruise, a view of the Basilica of Esztergom will be granted.

The fourth mentionable in this selection of river tours is the Moscow to St. Petersburg Tour. St. Petersburg by itself already creates a magnificent feast for the eyes and soul. Since this cruise has many ports of call including those at Moscow and St. Petersburg, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

The fifth and last on my list of river tours will be The Mekong. The Mekong is a river tour that encompasses Vietnam and Cambodia. This cruise will provide distinct views into the exotic cultures and diverse history. The highlights of this river tour are the stopovers in Ho Chi Minh City and Angkor Wat.

These are five different yet pleasurable river tours that are being swarmed with tourists. River tours are a very nice way to travel and explore. It is relaxing and stress-free. It provides you plenty of magnificent views that are appealing to your eyes and to your mind.

Comparing accountants for contractors

Contractor accountants are a special league of accountants. They are freelance accountants. They study, learn and recognize all of the needs a limited or freelance company may have. Of course, a limited company does not have the same demands as a large corporation has. That is why specialists for this type of business have come to be.

Any business needs financial experts to intervene. No one wants to be taken by surprise by finding out they’re already bankrupt. So, it would be best to have an expert in the house. Here are a few unwelcome tasks that will be gladly taken out of your hands and subtlety thrown their way.

Contractor accountants deal with the payroll. This monthly task is very important and also very meticulous. Tax documentations will be completed together with the employees pay slips. Another task is the filing of your tax returns. These documents have to be spot on accurate. If not, it could be a very messy business. Apart from filing the tax returns, contractor accountants will also complete these returns. This task is the most unwanted tasks any business man would want because it is so complicated. Contractor accountants are best left to complete these because they have the tax legislation and law knowledge. One more important task to be done by these accountants is the annual reports. Annual reports are required by the law. They are reports that signify what kind of financial year your company has had. Sometimes, a few businessmen choose to file their own annual reports. However, this task requires a certain format and would be better left in the hands of a professional. Now, you know what they do. How will you find them?

Finding contractor accountants in your area need not be a difficult thing to do. The first thing anyone could do is to ask friends and colleagues. Word of mouth will always be a powerful marketing tool. It gives companies or people or services personal recommendations that most people prefer. So, why not put this to use? Ask friends who their accountant is and if he has a firm. If their accountant does, ask if they have accountants who specialize in businesses like yours. If not, there are always other ways.

Other ways to find contractor accountants is by searching for them online. Once you have a list of prospective accountants, you will be able to sift through them to get the very best. A few things to search for the very best financial experts are expertise and duration in the business. One other thing to consider is if they are suitable enough to complement your needs. A businessman has to get on well with his financial adviser. If not, he might mess up your tax returns and that is something no one would want. For more information about locating, comparing and choosing a UK contractor accountant, see www.contractoraccountants.com.

Is argan oil a miracle acne cure?

Acne can be heartbreaking and frustrating to deal with, but is it true that you can use argan oil to treat and even cure it?

Oily, dirty skin can often lead to an outbreak of acne, which has led to a burgeoning skin care industry to keep skin clean and fresh in an attempt to nip the formation of acne in the bud. Using Moroccan argan oil to both prevent and cure acne seems like an odd choice, but the truth is that using an argan oil skin care product can be much more beneficial to your overall skin health than any number of harsh, caustic chemicals other skin products use to “treat” acne breakouts!


It’s true that an excess build-up of the body’s natural skin oils can lead to the formation of acne, especially when combined with dirt and an over-abundance of dead skin cells that are usually washed away. This is why conventional acne treatments tend to both clean and exfoliate the skin whilst stripping away these skin oils, but this can leave your skin raw and in some cases even more susceptible to acne than before!

Argan oil skin treatments are different because argan oil naturally contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E that naturally balance the amount of oils your skin creates. This leaves your skin with just the right amount of natural oils – not too much, and not too little – keeping it healthy and much less susceptible to acne outbreaks.


Many modern skin cleansing agents have harsh, abrasive chemicals in them in order to slough off all those dead skin cells that, when left untreated, can contribute to bad acne. However, the linoleic acid and oleic acid that is present in natural argan oil provides just the right amount of gentle cleansing that leaves your skin feeling healthy and less damaged than a traditional skin treatment.

Not only that, but linoleic acid and oleic acid both serve to protect your skin from further acne breakouts in the future by helping to maintain the perfect balance between too many dead skin cells, leaving your pores clogged ,and not enough, which leaves your skin exposed to irritants and toxins. Regular applications of argan oil skin treatments keeps your skin healthy and balanced – and on top of that, can even work to keep your skin moisturised and protected against harmful ultraviolet rays that can dry out and prematurely age your skin!

So when it comes time to select a skin treatment for an acne problem, put down those harsh chemical cleansers and instead choose an argan oil acne skin treatment – an all-natural, healthy, safe, and effective alternative. In just a few regular uses, you’ll be positively in love with the results!